Serve & Grow

Volunteering Promotes Fellowship & Spiritual Growth

Our service teams are dedicated to providing a caring, comfortable, safe environment, and memorable worship experience to our members and visitors. The various departments and ministries provide great opportunities to serve the Lord. Join a department or ministry today and become a worker in His Vineyard.

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free. Ephesians 6:7-8

Ushering Ministry

The Ushering Ministry Center provides a variety of critical supportive services to ensure that each Sunday service operates smoothly and in excellence. It is the desire of the Usher Ministry to exemplify Christ’s love through acts of service. Ushers welcome and greet visitors and members before and during Sunday services. They provide assistance during worship and altar calls, collect the offering, and serve communion on first Sundays. Ushers represent the church through their professional and courteous service to all who enter the church campus.

Choir Ministry

The Choir Ministry is a vibrant group of anointed worship and praise leaders who have been regenerated to bring in the praise of the most High. The Choir is responsible for leading the congregation in High praises and worship in order to usher them into the courts of the Most High.


Marriage Counseling

The home is the major building block of any society. It is therefore of utmost importance that Christ be recognized as the foundation and cornerstone of our homes. The Marriage Counseling Ministry’s objective is to help intending couples establish their homes on that solid foundation and help married couples keep within God’s counsel for their homes.

Outreach & Missions

To obey Jesus Christ’s last command of “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15. The department is committed to taking the whole gospel to the whole world. It is innovative, daring and sold out for Jesus. Whatever we need to do to ensure that this gospel reaches every creature we will without hesitation do in accordance with the scriptures. We intend to make Jesus Christ’s last command our first assignment.

Care Ministry

The Care Ministry provides a warm welcome and caring support to all visitors and members of the church. The Care Ministry desires to exemplify Christ’s love through acts of service. They greet visitors and members before and during Sunday service. They assist ushers with serving communion on first Sundays. Care Ministry volunteers represent the church through their warm, professional and courteous service to all who enter the church campus.

Jesus Police

The Jesus Police Ministry is responsible for ensuring that visitors and members successfully locate parking in the church parking lot, and safely cross the street when arriving at the church campus from street parking. They also monitor local neighborhoods to ensure that cars are parked correctly, and monitor vehicles to prevent theft and/or other loss. Members of the Jesus Police Ministry have the very important task of serving as the first point of contact with our guests and members.


Church Location

1439 Ashby Avenue,
Bristol, PA 19007


Sunday Bible Study @ 9:45 am,
Sunday Worship Service @ 10:30am

Commanding Your Week
Monday’s @ 6:30 – 7am

Digging Deep & Prayers
Tuesday’s @ 7 – 9pm

1st Friday of the month @ 10pm
– Power Night (Annointing/Communion)

3rd Sunday of the month @ 6pm
– House Fellowship

Last Sunday of the month
– Natural Group Meetings

Prayer line – 267-435-8226

Telephone lines
– 215-300-3062 and
– 215-808-3092.