Living Spring – Restoration Center

Our journey began in 2007 when we were commissioned by our parent parish RCCG Living Spring, Philadelphia, to start a parish in Bucks County. We had an inaugural service on May 6th 2007 at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel Bensalem. The attendance was a pleasant surprise but the following Sunday’s service was a different experience. It undoubtedly brought home the plain reality of a Church with a pastor but no congregation. We however encouraged ourselves in the Lord as we held on tenaciously to His word in Matt. 16:18 “I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail.”

Pastor AlomajaIn no time, the Lord began to add to us. Just as we were about to settle down, our host hotel, for reasons known only to God, decided to terminate our contract. Our search for an alternative place of worship brought us to the Ramada Inn in Levittown; where we were until May 2010 when the Lord provided us with our own premises in Bristol.

With a mission to propagate the restorative power of Jesus Christ in a practical way, by showing that even the most unlikely person or the most improbable situation can be transformed into their glorious opposites once we yield to Him, we are confident that the Lord will make room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land.

  • To make heaven.
  • To take as many people as possible with us.
  • To have a member of RCCG in every family of all nations.
  • To accomplish No. 1 above, holiness will be our lifestyle.
  • To accomplish No. 2 and 3 above, we will plant churches within five minutes walking distance in every city and town of developing countries and within five minutes driving distance in every city and town of developed countries.
  • We will pursue these objectives until every Nation in the World is reached for Jesus Christ our Lord.